Planning For Discharge

Before coming to hospital, talk to your doctor about any possible changes in your physical capabilities, as well as expectations of your recovery, restrictions and/or rehabilitation.

Following discharge from hospital, you will require someone to drive or accompany you home.

Day Surgery patients must have a responsible adult stay with them for the remainder of the day and night following the procedure. You will not be discharged unless it is completely safe for you to leave the hospital. You may receive a follow up call from one of our nurses to check your progress and give you the option to ask questions or clarify information.

For overnight patients, discharge is prior to 10.00am. If you are unable to leave by this time, please notify the Nurse Unit Manager who will make the necessary arrangements. The lounge area on Level 1 can accommodate patients who are required to wait beyond 10.00am.

For the first 24 hours after your procedure it is important that you:

  • Do not drive a car
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Do not remain on your own
  • Do not make complex legal decisions

A discharge plan may be given to you to follow once you have left the hospital. This may include instructions for medications, rehabilitation and further follow up appointments. We recommend that a responsible adult be with you during these discussions.

If you have any questions about ongoing care and assistance following your discharge from hospital, our Discharge Coordinator will be able to help you with your planning. The Coordinator can be contacted on 03 9318 3177.