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Western Private Hospital sets new standards in clinician and patient safety

In Victorian first, Western Private Hospital has incorporated AirFRAME cleanroom and Indigo-Clean continuous disinfection technology into its latest 4K Digital Theatre.

Footscray, Australia 11/10/22: Clinicians and patients in Melbourne will now enjoy new standards of safety via the introduction of innovative healthcare technology to reduce Surgical Site Infections and Healthcare Associated Infections in Theatre. In a Victorian first, Western Private Hospital has chosen to install two innovative technologies, proven to reduce infection, into its state-of-the-art 4K Digital Theatre. The first, AirFRAME, brings cleanroom technology to the Theatre. AirFRAME provides HEPA filtered air whilst directing airborne particles and contaminants away from the sterile field. The second, Indigo-Clean, is a safe, continuous, visible light disinfection system is proven to kill harmful viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19), Influenza-A and bacteria linked to Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s). Both of these technologies are being adopted by hospitals worldwide and have been installed in a number of Theatre’s in Australia and New Zealand by Wilhelm Integrated Solutions.

On delivering this innovation to Western Private Hospital, Chad Wilhelm, Managing Director of Wilhelm, said “We are seeing rapid adoption of both these technologies across facilities in Australia and New Zealand as the benefits to hospital staff and patients are clear. AirFRAME, installed with Indigo-Clean provides a safe, disinfected environment helping to protect clinicians and patients from infections. An added benefit of AIRFrame is that it installs in 1/6th of the time of conventional OR Ceiling systems, which gets Theatre up and running much sooner”.

Western Private Hospital offers services encompassing the areas of surgical, medical, cardiology and oncology. Its facilities include a coronary care unit, day surgery ward and a day oncology unit, together with state of the art operating theatres and a cardiac catheter laboratory. Its medical staff are supported by radiology and pathology departments, a range of allied health care providers, onsite pharmacy and pastoral care workers. Western Private Hospital works in an ethical and caring manner to deliver leading edge care to the community. They have an ongoing commitment to professional development always striving to be the best at what they do, rightly earning the motto “Best in the West”.

Western Private Hospital is proud to be the home of the E. J. Whitten Cancer Treatment Centre set up with the help of the E.J. Whitten Foundation. In conjunction with the Centre, a range of comprehensive diagnostic and radiation oncology services including PET scans are available onsite – making diagnosis and treatment convenient for patients. We support the E.J. Whitten Foundation in its aim to increase the Australian community’s awareness of prostate cancer and raise funds for research into the disease.

The new Theatre commences operation on Tuesday October 4th. “We’re extremely proud to have worked with the Western Private team to deliver this first for Victoria” said Chad Wilhelm. “We look forward to seeing the benefits that these technologies provide Western Private Hospital for years to come”.