Our Partnerships

Located on our ground floor Genesis Care’s Western Radiation Oncology Center has strong links to Western Privates Hospital, and Onsite provider for Radiation Oncology treatment.

Tel: 03 9319 3200
Fax: 03 9319 3232
Email: footscrayreception@genesiscare.com.au

CURA Pharmacy is our Onsite pharmacy located on the Ground floor at 44 Eleanor Street

Western Private Hospital Pharmacy
Ground Floor, 44 Eleanor St, Footscray, VIC, 3011

Ph: 03 93193171    Fax: 03 93193177


Total Physiocare Footscray is  located in Suite 8, 30 Eleanor Street Footscray, which is directly opposite the hospital precincts of Footscray Hospital and Western Private Hospital.

Total Physiocare provides inpatient physiotherapy services to Western Private Hospital since 2015 and have close liasons with all the surgeons withing our hospital.  The clinic has a pilates studio for individual sessions and a gym which enables us to guide our patients through their rehabilitation process from the the beginning to the end.

Located on our ground floor Capital Radiology services to Western Privates Hospital diagnostic imaging patients both as in-patients and outpatients,

The E.J. Whitten Foundation has raised over $10 million for Prostate Cancer Research & Awareness. We welcome your support in the fight against Prostate Cancer and saving men’s lives.

For more information about the E. J. Whitten Foundation:

Phone: 1300 WHITTEN
Mobile: 0419 324 259
Email: ted@1300whitten.com.au    
Web: www.ejwhittenfoundation.com.au

The E.J. Whitten Cancer Treatment Centre has been established at the Western Private Hospital in 1995 to commemorate the memory of Ted Whitten Senior who unfortunately passed away due to Prostate Cancer. The foundation has been established to raise awareness of prostate cancer and money to assist in research and treatment of the disease.

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