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Day Surgery


Many of the procedures carried out in our Operating Theatres necessitate a hospital stay following surgery while many others are carried out as Day Surgery procedures. In most cases, patients do not need to be admitted until the day of their surgery.

Not everyone is fit enough for day surgery. Careful assessment of your general health is made by your doctor before booking you for a day stay operation.

You would normally be expected to arrange for someone to drive you home. You should not drive yourself for 24 hours after any procedure performed under sedation or general anaesthesia.  At home you will need access to a telephone and convenient toilet facilities and you must have a responsible adult stay with you for the rest of the day and overnight.

You will not be allowed home unless it is completely safe for you to leave the hospital on the same day. A very small number of people have to stay overnight for unforeseen reasons, but this happens in only about three out of every hundred cases.

Please note that due to space constraints, it would be appreciated if you could keep the number of visitors attending with you on the day of your surgery down to a minimum.  Please note that once staff have escorted patients to the Day Surgery, visitors will be asked to leave (parents of small children are the exception).   Nominated family members will be contacted once the procedure is complete.


For more information about the Admission & Discharge process, Fees, what to pack etc. please refer to the Patients & Visitors section.