Personal Information & Privacy

As a patient of Western Private Hospital you have a right to be fully informed of the personal information we will collect from you, what we will use it for, how we will store it and your right of access to it.

Personal information held by WPH:

  • Your name, address, telephone and email contact details
  • Health fund details
  • Date and Country of Birth
  • Next of Kin
  • Health Information
  • The name and contact details of your General Practitioner and your referring doctor
  • Religious beliefs or affiliations (if provided)
  • Marital Status
  • Transaction details associated with our services
  • Indigenous status and language spoken at home (for the Department of Health)

What we do with personal information:

  • We will collect it discreetly
  • We will store it  securely
  • Subject to what we say in this section, we will only provide your personal information to people involved in your care.
  • We will provide relevant information to your health fund, or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Medicare Australia, Cancer Council, Victorian Department of Health and other entities when we are required by law to do so.
  • After removing details that could identify you, we may use the remaining data to assist with research and service improvement projects. We are also required to provide this kind of information to government agencies.
  • We will destroy our record of your information when it has become too old to be useful or when we are no longer required by law to retain it.
  • We may use this information to contact you regarding your hospital visit.
  • All staff employed at Western Private Hospital must by law, respect the confidentiality and privacy of the information collected.

How can you access or correct your personal information?

Individuals have a right to access the personal information that Western Private Hospital holds about them. In certain circumstances we may refuse a request for access as allowed by the Privacy Act or other applicable laws. If Western Private Hospital refuses access, we will give written notice of our decision, including our reasons and how to complain if the individual is not satisfied with the decision. Western Private Hospital aims to ensure that your information is accurate and complete.

You can help us achieve this by notifying us of change in personal details, such as name or address. Please note it is generally not possible to make changes in clinical information held in your record. In that circumstance, you may be entitled to request that we associate a statement with your records.

You can request access to personal information by contacting;

  • Health Information Services
  • Telephone: (03) 9319 3197 or
  • Email:
  • Mail: Health Information Services, Western Private Hospital, PO Box 4258, West Footscray VIC 3012

Each individual requesting access must complete a HIS Request for Access Form and will be required to verify their identity.

A fee will be charged for collating and providing access to personal and health information.

Western Private Hospital Privacy Policy

For a full copy of the Western Private Hospital Privacy Policy refer to the link below:

Western Private Hospital Privacy Policy