Patient Rights & Responsibilities

While a patient at Western Private Hospital you can expect to receive the best care our staff can provide.

As a patient you have a right to:

  • Be treated with respect, dignity and consideration for your personal and physical privacy
  • Have personal or health information dealt with in a confidential manner, except to enable another health care worker assist in your care or when disclosure is authorised under law
  • Consideration of your beliefs and ethnic, cultural and religious practice
  • Consideration of special dietary needs
  • Receive information regarding your condition and treatment
  • Participate in decisions which affect you and your well being
  • Refuse treatment and services with which you are uncomfortable (to the extent permitted by the law)
  • Be informed of the identity and role of any doctor, nurse or health professional who attends you
  • To refuse the presence of health workers not directly involved in your care
  • Seek the assistance of a suitably qualified interpreter
  • Anonymity if you so choose
  • Discharge yourself at any time, despite the advice of your doctor or hospital staff
  • Request that a relative or friend join you when decisions are being made about your care and treatment
  • Ask for a referral if you wish to seek a second opinion

As a patient you have the right to be informed before giving consent to:

  • Anaesthesia, surgical procedures and treatment.
  • Any costs that may be incurred while a patient at the hospital
  • Participation in any research project, or inclusion on a register (e.g. Joint Replacement Register)

Patient Responsibilities

While, a patient you have a responsibility to;

  • provide to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about your present complaint, past illnesses, hospitalisations, medications and other matters relating to your health
  • advise if you understand your treatment and what is expected of you; follow the treatment plan as recommended by your medical practitioner and nurses. You are responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow instructions
  • be considerate of the rights of other patients and staff
  • respect the property of others and the hospital

Patient Feedback

Your feedback about the services we offer and care we deliver is important to us. We use this information to help us review and improve the quality of our services and care. We encourage you to complete our feedback card located at Reception and on each ward. This card can be handed to your nurse, your ward reception or placed in the post box located on the wall on the right hand side of the Reception desk on the ground floor. If at any time you are unhappy during your stay with us, please speak with your Nurse Unit Manager. It is of utmost importance that your stay be as comfortable as possible. Your concerns and feedback will be handled as discreetly as possible.

All feedback received is reviewed to improve our procedures and patient care.